Wisdom from LINDY HENNY – Behold Sarah

Wisdom from LINDY HENNY – Behold Sarah

Behold Sarah by Lindy Henny – A semi autobiographical novel about the meaning of life

Lindy Henny is an amazing role model for all of us. Now in her 80’s this is her first novel. Lindy is a writer, a poet, a therapist, playwright and artist. She tells us her life story of sexual abuse,  an alcoholic mother and working in a prison. Lindy lives on a bohemian house boat in Chelsea surrounded by her art. Prepare to float on the flotsam-jetsam Thames, guided through quirky parts of London, be banged up blissfully in a high security prison, fall in and out of love, and out and into sex, and, deep breath, find yourself in the painfully comfortable paradox of the therapy room.


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