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Find out how you should and where in the world to detox with our very knowledgable travel and health presenter Sarah Tucker. 

For those of you who haven’t been on a juice retreat, the GLASSHOUSE in Essex is an ideal, cost effective, quality retreat which offers both the first time detoxer and well practiced one an excellent fit for purpose place to go without the faffing about at airports or train stations. 

The owners, Joy and Brian Jarvis, live on site, a modern cube of a house a stone’s throw from the main modernist building. Joy, who has mystery shopped hundreds of retreats in the UK and around the world over the past twenty years looks in her thirties but with a son in his thirties that is an impossibility, but I didn’t have the cheek to ask. ‘I have visited some very beautiful spas but each have something missing, and I wanted to create something that ticked all the boxes’, says Joy who looks as though she has practiced what she preaches
One addition they don’t mention on the website but is also one of the hi-lights are the evening talks (8pm – 9pm), held in the salon.  While I was there, there was a Jacky Rands, (www.essentialbeings.co.uk) sharing extensive and relevant knowledge about aromatherapy oils and Colin Wyatt giving a seriously good sound gong practice.   These sort of talks and experiences usually cost a lot of money, but they were given as part of the package and make, as one client put it, the break, ‘seriously good value’. 
Very highly recommend.  
https://www.glasshouseretreat.co.uk/The other more extreme detox was for the week in Portugal, guaranteed weight loss and delving into your soul with great support from the owners. 
The retreat is called Moinhos Velhos which caters for up to twelve people.  For my week there were nine women (ages 40 something to fifty something), two men (forty something) and a teenager who was brought by her mother. The setting is a converted farmhouse, which is beautiful, overlooking a stunning valley. Very clean rooms, clinic, pool, lovely yoga studio, sauna, and greenhouse (which is locked at night in case you fancy pinching a papaya). 
Listen to the podcast find out more. 


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Published on 20th January 2020

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