Vitamin B12 Deficiency Expert Sally Pacholok

Nicki Bannerman talks with Sally Pacholok who is an extraordinary nurse. In 1985  Sally  diagnosed herself with a lack  of vitamin B12, after her doctors had failed to identify her condition.  As a result, she is passionate about the need to educate the public about the dangerous consequences of this hidden and all-too-common disease. The right amount of Vitamin B12 can heal – listen to how and why in this informative podcast with Nicki Bannerman.

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  1. Elaine Jones says:

    After 19 years of weird symptoms and despite always being dxd wth a B12 deficiency which doc said was “nothing to worry about cos I was’nt anaemic” I was dxd wth MS altho’ I had never tested positive for this. All my symptoms have disappeared since being on B12 which I have been having 2 weekly injections since reading 2nd ed of Sally’s book..

  2. Marilyn Cody says:

    Excellent interview.I wish I could get you Sally to educate the doctors here in Australia.It took me 15 drs including 7 specialists to get a diagnosis 6 mths later from a holistic Gp .Your book was my lifesaver,thank ever so much.Both my hubby & I were misdiagnosed due to serum B12 in so called normal range.our symptoms were ignored.

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