Victoria Blisse EROTIC Fiction featuring CURVIER WOMEN on RADIO GORGEOUS

Victoria Blisse EROTIC Fiction featuring CURVIER WOMEN – Literary Lusts on RADIO GORGEOUS

Victoria set out to write erotic fiction 15 years ago before women really caught on to erotica. Victoria’s books feature curvy women with bellies, busts and bottoms – she explains that she gives larger women a chance to feel confident about their sexuality. The reason she chose real women is that she finds in in the romance genre women look like Barbie dolls and it’s all so unrealistic. The name of Victoria’s website is I LOVE SMUT – she has a light hearted view of sex and  believes in a bit of slap and tickle and a little bit of what you fancy does you good.  Check out her events and books below.

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Published on 08th November 2016

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