Tripadvisor Complaints & Looking Good on Long Haul

Sarah Tucker travel writer talks about Tripadvisor Complaints. Listen to her vivid and sometimes funny story here on Radio Gorgeous about her summer from hell. She also talks about how to look and feel good after 14 hours flying long haul ¬†economy, don’t we need that?
Sarah has written a poem about her experiences with unhappy guests at her gite in France:
THE UNHAPPY GUEST who complained on Tripadvisor
A thousand miles she had driven to moan at my house
A husband that nearly died and a daughter never to be seen again
Not for a month anyway
To Kenya
The visitor screamed at me down the phone
overloaded with so much baggage
none of it carried well
As though I had nearly killed her husband
and pushed her daughter to the other side of the world
And her off the edge
Throwing her sense into the well
Throwing the cherry wood bateau lit beds to the bonfire
Throwing away all time well spent
Shocking into silence
The touch of the place I had felt two weeks before
In the sunshine of a French spring.
How could so much have changed?
I want all my money back
The woman screamed
Like putrid cloying tar that stuck to my ear
Like a bullet she spat
All of it
Now Now Now Now Now
Tutting her time there with
Pedantic patronising precision she invoked detail I had
not seen or imagined
Second eyes needed
I asked neighbours who nodded in my direction
And the weather man said it had been cold and wet and
yet the house was as it was in the photographs
The painting had got smudged with rain but
it was still the same painting.
She put the phone down and I cried
For my house which had been
described as the worst place to stay in the world
In the world
Get that?
In the world.
until I arrived
And knew it wasn’t the house
Which wasn’t even smudged, just not to her
prissy taste.
It was her.
And her baggage.
And her world of unhappy putrid cloying tar she had brought with her
which I didn’t want sticking to my house, my home
Or to me for that matter
Unhappy guest.

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Published on 19th March 2015

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