Toxic Friendships | Amanda Coe ‘What They Do In The Dark’ |Emma Hill: Summer Beauty Tips | Katya Wildman: The Bombshell Dress

We announce an exciting competition to win a copy of Sarah Ruhl’s In The Next Room, or The Vibrator Play (more details at: )

Radio Gorgeous hostesses Josephine and Donna Gorgeously Gossiped as we do each week about Toxic Friends – of course you don’t think you are but if you’ve ever lost friends maybe it really is you darling! Signs to watch out for our neediness, insecurity, volatility, moodiness, and bluntness…

Next we went dark with Amanda Coe and her frightening tale of Yorkshire girlhood in the 1970’s; it wasn’t all penny chews and spacehoppers! She is screenwriter of Shameless and As If who has just finished reworking Room at the Top coming soon. What They Do in the Dark is her debut novel and it packs a wollop! It’s out now in paperback from Virago.

Our beauty loving hearts went pitter pat with gratitude when Emma Hill, our regular independent beauty blogger gave us our next fix of BB creams, tanning products and top sprayers and tips on application and most importantly during this, our British Summer, how to keep the slap from sliding. Go to

Ruth Jones in her Bombshell Dress from

to see her picks.

Katya Wildman’s unabashedly feminine and flattering Bombshell dresses which once we tried on, she insisted we keep – you’ll see why she didn’t have to twist our arms and we are now the hostesses with the mostesses ever! Everyone from size 8 to 18 is an hourglass knockout in these cleverly tailored dresses from 

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