Time for a gorgeous bra after breast cancer THE Millie BRA with Sue Pringle on Radio Gorgeous with Jo Rees

Time for a gorgeous bra after breast cancer THE MILLIE BRA meet the creator SUE PRINGLE with JO REES 

It’s bad enough going through breast cancer treatment, but coming out the other side and realising you have to say goodbye to all of your pretty and sexy bras is an added wrench.  Having this experience herself is what inspired gorgeous entrepreneur Sue Pringle who has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Millie bra.  It’s a soft and shapely non-wired bra for women to wear after breast cancer and has been designed with spirit and sensuality in mind.  Jo Rees who is currently going through breast cancer treatment herself, was intrigued to find out more.



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Published on 16th March 2017

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