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Introverts vs. Extroverts: We respond to claims made in Susan Cain’s new book ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking. Does today’s society place too much emphasis on the pushy go-getters? Do we under value quiet types?
Susan Cain says:
1. There’s a word for “people who are in their heads too much”: thinkers.
2. Our culture rightly admires risk-takers, but we need our “heed-takers” more than ever.
3. Solitude is a catalyst for innovation.

Charlotte Betts discusses The Apothecary’s Daughter and her journey to becoming a published author. Combining her passions for historical fiction, herbal remedies and a good love story – The Apothecary’s Daughter is a heady brew!

Josephine and Donna review Our New Girl, a new play at the Bush Theatre, written by Nancy Harris and directed by Charlotte Gwinner. Josephine interviews Charlotte Gwinner to find out about the play’s development, and what it was like to direct a drama which contains such an unsettling examination of modern parenthood

Photographer Elsa Quarsell reveals the fascinating stories behind her book, The Domestic Burlesque. This exciting project took her all over the world, photographing burlesque performers in their homes; creating images bursting with narrative and personality!

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Published on 20th February 2012

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