The PERFECT JEANS Donna tries them on at Damsel in Chiswick – Listen & Learn GALS! Gorgeous Gossip

The Perfect Jeans
Donna doesn’t do jeans. Have you ever seen her in jeans? A rare sighting indeed, like a panda in the wild (same shape?). How could she resist the Paige Denim event at Damsel Boutique in Chiswick. Not only did she find a pair of jeans but they got her to wear a tshirt as well, will wonders never cease?
Putting aside the frivolity for a nanosecond, and in attempt to redress the balance, Donna then met up with impressive Silla Bjerrum of Feng Sushi (now delivering in West London) and Dr. Maria Lenn of Suited & Booted. Silla explains why her female dominated company wants to lend a hand to men and Dr. Maria Lenn explains how the charity (based in St. Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe – can you believe it?) helps men to find a suit and accessories for a job interview as well as providing them with interview skills and mentoring.
But back to shopping…what’s your favourite supermarket? The hypermarket in France for all your booze? Upmarket Waitrose? Downmarket? Donna and Josephine discuss their changing opinions on this most important of matters!

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