Surf Mama Wilma Johnson: from surf-widow to surf addict!

From surf-widow to surf-addict: artist Wilma Johnson talks to Josephine Pembroke about reinventing herself after 40.

A former member of the Neo-Naturist art group in the 80s, Wilma now creates her own bright very colourful usually figurative art about her life. She married an avid surfer, Nick, had 3 children, and moved to Ireland. Age 40 Wilma had a life changing moment when she decided if you can’t beat them you better join them… So she jumped on a surf board and has loved the waves ever since! She now lives by the most famous surf beach in Europe Hosagor where she daily catches those giant Atlantic waves. Her beautiful book ‘Surf Mama’ is out now, and illustrated with her artwork.

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Published on 09th February 2012

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