Stylist Sharon Fenwick: how to reinvent your wardrobe on a budget

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Fashion fairy godmother, the gorgeous stylist Sharon Fenwick, waves her wand over the fashion dilemma’s of the festive season: what to wear for a ‘black tie’ dress code; dressing for Christmas parties without resembling a Christmas tree; reinventing your wardrobe on a budget; and how to stay stylish AND comfortable on Christmas day!

Sharon Fenwick was a buyer at the uber trendy boutique Wild Swans, and has styled numerous fashion shows and events. Now a freelance fashion consultant, she helps clients sift through their wardrobes, ejecting the fashion bloopers and putting together new looks. Sensitive rather than stern in her approach, Sharon talks about dressing for your personality as well as your proportions; and resolving a style stand-off between a mother and her teenage daughter!

Sharon Fenwick
Fashion Consultant
07951 046686

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Published on 09th February 2012

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