Sharon Dunscombe Bibliotherapist & Do you fancy your father in law? GORGEOUS GOSSIP



Josephine & Donna: 00:00
Sharon Dunscombe: 05:57


Apparently a substantial portion of men fancy their mother-in-laws, flirt with them and think they fancy them back! Josephine and Donna turn the tables and discuss whether they fancy their fathers-in-law. Does a cheeky flirt make for smooth familial relations? Listen in to their gossip.

Gorgeous Guest:
Sharon Dunscombe Bibliotherapist РThrough Tales For Tea, Sharon Dunscombe offers a natural, holistic environment to promote therapeutic healing through prose and poetry. Bibliotherapy is a form of group therapy where participants connect emotionally through the shared reading of a story. Sharon Dunscombe is a creative bibliotherapist who specialises in choosing awe-inspiring fiction and poetry to heal people with mental health problems.

Josephine & Donna: 00:00
Sharon Dunscombe: 05:57


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  1. Sunil says:

    Dear Sharon,
    I went through your article with regards to Bibliotherapy. It is really good experience.
    What are the steps you followed to established this programe?
    I am so interested to apply Sri Lankan University Students.

    Thanking you,

    Sunil Premarathne
    Senior Assistant Librarian
    Dental Sciences Library
    University of Peradeniya


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