Allie Esiri reveals Shakespeare you can taste every day of the year with Donna Freed

Allie Esiri is desperate for you to fall in love with poetry, one day at a time (A Poem for Every Day of the Year & A Poem for Every Night of the Year) and she has now set her sights on Shakespeare. 

Don’t be afraid, dears, take your literary medicine, one loving Shakespearean spoonful at a time! Her latest beautiful anthology Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year features poems, excerpts from the plays, soliloquys, and much more. Shakespeare speaks to the very heart of the human condition, from break-ups and grief, to gardening and cooking, to hangovers and politics, Shakespeare’s plays and poems have a line for everything. He is truly a poet for all time.

Let Allie let Shakespeare entertain you! 

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Published on 16th October 2019

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