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Sex Expert advice from Emma Ziff: 15.25

Josephine and Donna review their week: Josephine explains why herding cats is a world easier than escorting 25 OAP’s on a trip to France but there were some benefits in older admirers. Donna celebrates her husband’s birthday with breakfast cocktails and then professes surprise at leaving the front door of her house open.

You sent in questions for Relationship and Sex therapist Emma Ziff. Prepare to take careful notes. You don’t want to miss her words of intimacy wisdom.

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  1. lesley beazer says:

    ref. Oldies. I sent James a book called Will I Need My Cardigan by CicelyTaylor. It features everything that can go wrong on an organised holiday, including a trip round the harbour in Cyprus when the boat sank. I have a Chapter nearly to myself when I got lost in a forest in Romania on a walking holiday, lots of wolves and bears. Lucky you that I was not on the Loire trip.

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