SCENT by Isabel Costello with Donna Freed, Author of the Week

Scent (Muswell Press) is the second novel from Isabel Costello, author of Paris Mon Amour. Her love and intimate knowledge of France is apparent as is her ability to expose the inner life of a Parisian perfumer, Clémentine, whose marriage is disintegrating at the same time as a her former lover turns up with an unknown agenda.  It is an engrossing read redolent of tension and desire.

Isabel, who has run the Literary Sofa blog for 10 years, will discuss Scent in ‘An Evening with Isabel Costello’ in conjunction with Barnet Libraries and Muswell Press on April 21 7-8. Tickets are free and can be booked on Eventbrite HERE.

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Published on 24th June 2021

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