RULA LENSKA My Colourful Life

Rula Lenska on GORGEOUS LIVES  “All my life I have run into excitement, danger and discovery.”
Legendary red head, beauty and talented British born of aristocratic Polish descent actress and West London denizen tells Josephine about her most dangerous role: Celebrity Big Brother! Josephine is now addicted to Rock Follies and Donna is the only one who remembers the gloriously diva-ish Alberto VO5 commercial that put her on the map in America. A Colourful Life indeed!
 Rula describes her time in the Celebrity Big Brother House with George Galloway as “There were moments like prison and boarding school – all of which I have experienced so I know what I am talking about.”Rula talks about her visit to Salavador Dali’s house when he took her up to his bedroom and Rula says “We were served tea by Gala (his wife) in a tutu, she was 70 odd then.”Rula tells us about her time on Coronation Street she had some unforgettable lines like “Betrayed by the tranny and the Granny” and her first ever line of the UK soap was “ The cleanliness of these toilets is second to none.”
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