Ruby Wax MENTAL HEALTH, are you FRAZZLED? with Nicki Bannerman RADIO GORGEOUS

Ruby Wax MENTAL HEALTH asks are you FRAZZLED? with Nicki Bannerman on RADIO GORGEOUS

Ruby Wax has been on tour both entertaining and influencing our minds on her new tour based on her book ‘Frazzled’. Following her Masters at Oxford in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy she discusses how your brain can be trained just like your body; so while you’re doing your mental exercises, you
may as well get physical and do the stomach ones as well. Do not be deterred by the supermarket, travelling or even being in an elevator or a waiting room as they are just as good places as any other! 

That and more lessons and insights from the fabulous Ruby Wax who chose to receive her OBE surrounded by her friends at the well-known supportive mental health care hospital – The Priory.

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