Rosie Millard The Square – Hi Jinks in North London

Journalist and broadcaster Rosie Millard has turned novelist. With no time to do additional research, Rosie Millard set her novel in a milieu she knows, a pretty London square very much like her own. Although she is a bit like the thin, blonde Jane (she was the one who called her a massive bitch!) she is NOT having an affair with her neighbour. The other characters in this comedy are the Lottery winner, the TV personality and the artist who mounts casts of his lovers genitals on the bathroom wall – not your average square!

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Published on 10th November 2015


  1. Though I think The Square was marketed as a good ‘holiday read’ The Square does more than it says on the tin.
    Excellent interview, in which Rosie Millard – with endearing modesty – makes this clear.

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