Rachel Johnson’s – Fresh Hell LIFE in NOTTING HILL GATE

Rachel Johnson’s – Fresh Hell
Third in her Notting Hill trilogy finds journalist Mimi Fleming returning from the country¬†to her old square. While she was a welly wearing country bumpkin, her neighbours have groomed and slimmed and become even younger looking. They are busy living in her house, installing double-basements and banker bashing while she is in an ex-council maisonette and falling desperately and inappropriately in lust with a younger woman. Scenes from Rachel’s own life?
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  1. tunie says:

    How funny, I just read this NYTimes article on whether our neighborhoods change, or we do and it was excellent for perspective!


  2. june2 says:

    Just came over on recommendation of “That’s Not my Age” blog. Is the theme music meant to be ironic? While I enjoy self-depreciating humor I suppose the whole, gay man ‘camp’ them with regards to middle-aged women is a little too depreciating in 2015.

    I don’t feel old at all at 49 – I feel ultra youthful and empowered, but then I do live an ultra healthy lifestyle to take care of my body – not to compete – but because it affords me the kind of personal health and well-being that powers the rest of my life as well as sets the right example for young women. I eat what I like, I just do it wisely and miss out on NOTHING!

    Anyway, this is only my first listen. I’ll check out the other episodes. And criticism aside, I so appreciate the bravery of helping put middle-aged women’s voices out there in the world! It’s wonderful to see a representation!

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