Professor Michael Baum – Breast cancer Expert, explains all in the LATTE LOUNGE with Katie Taylor on Radio Gorgeous

We know we are breaking the all-women rule on RG – but this Doctor rocks for women!  It’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness month and we are also celebrating World Menopause Day, is on so who better to chat in The Latte Lounge with but Professor Michael Baum who not only is an eminent British surgical oncologist who specialises in breast cancer but also happens to be the father of Latte Lounge Founder, Katie Taylor.

Today, Michael talks about Breast Cancer, HRT, Screening and his new book that has just been published, called The History & Mystery of Breast Cancer (There is a link below offering the a discount on the book too).

Katie also tells us what’s been happening in The Latte Lounge recently and whats coming up soonYou can find all this and more on The Latte Lounge website, details below. 

Twitter: @lounge_latte

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Published on 06th November 2019

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