Private Malta & Airport Parking Solved!


Private Malta & Airport Parking Solved!

The ever peripatetic Sarah Tucker talks travel: you booked the flights, accomodation and rental car; but when your flight leaves at 5 am, what do you do with your car?  Do you despair of a holiday where you only scratch the surface, never really seeing how the natives live? Sarah has a good nose round someone else’s house in her Private Malta holiday and benefits from the unique history and stories of the island.

A new service offered by tour operator beyond3sixty is launching a Private Malta tour, inviting up to ten people around homes on the island.   Malta has a lot more to it than meets the eye.  Sold to mass market audiences as a cheap sun option, only three hours away, one of the more densely populated place on the planet (although you wouldn’t know it when visiting), its also allegedly built above Atlantis and has a history of knights and battles, modern and old, which pales our own in comparison.   It has an unusual energy which you feel immediately you get off the plane.

The company is offering three and four day tours which allow guests – because you do feel and are treated like guests rather than travellers or tourists – an opportunity to go to private homes which reflect a slice of life on the island not sold or told in any travel guide.   This is not walkabout stately houses open to the public but homes that are still lived in by the owners, and which in their own way reflect an alternative and unique history of the island.    

The tours are well paced and homes are spread all over the island. Malta is compact so you are never more than twenty minutes away from each house so don’t spend all your time in coaches or walking from one place to the next.    Your base is the Maltese owned Corinthia Palace Hotel, which has a wonderful staff, is very central, and has a fascinating history of its own (formerly the home of Edward de Bono).   You feel immediately at home.

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Published on 04th June 2015

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