PRETTY Is by Maggie Mitchell A dark & disturbing THRILLER with JO REES on RADIO GORGEOUS

Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell A dark & disturbing THRILLER with Jo REES on RADIO GORGEOUS

Louis and Carly-May are just twelve years old when they are abducted from their homes and driven across the country to a remote hunting lodge and kept by their kidnapper for two months. Decades later, the two women have new identities and lives, but they are increasingly haunted by their experience. Once more they are drawn together in a world that both echoes and falsifies their beautiful, terrible story.

Jo Rees talks to author Maggie Mitchell about her writing process and whether being a Professor of English made it easier or harder to write ‘Pretty Is’, her gripping debut novel.  @memitchell_99 

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Published on 02nd July 2016

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