Pancakes through the ages | Virginia Ironside: Pets and Problems | Women in the media

We discuss Lent: its history, traditions, deviations, and how it’s observed in the modern day.

In honour of Pancake Day historian and food writer Kate Colquhoun talks us through our historical love affair with fried batter- from medieval to modern times.

The British are notoriously devoted to their pets and Virginia Ironside is no exception; she tells us hilarous tales of her intellectual cat Bob. But it wasn’t until she started answering letters from people who’d suffered the loss of a furry friend, she realised just how profoundly the death of a pet can affect us. Her warm and sensitive book, ‘Goodbye, Dear Friend: Coming to Terms with the Death of a Pet ‘ is still one of only a very few titles to tackle this problem.

Agony aunt Virginia Ironside answers your problems: Dating woe and confidence issues, dealing with dead love-rivals and alcoholic spouses.

Kate Kinnenmotte CEO of Women in Film and TV, talks about the historical roles women have played in the industry and suggests ways to redress the current gender imbalance. Kate argues that women need to have the confidence to push limiting gender stereotypes in order to claim the roles they want.

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Published on 05th March 2012

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