Packed – A Supermarket Sweep with Tessa Stuart Author of The Food Entrepreneur’s Guide



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Tessa who lives in London’s Chiswick studied history and boys at Oxford, and started in advertising. She then got a ‘proper job’ in branding research, working for Cadbury, British Airways, Nestle and Nat West, re-branding ALL the armed forces (handsome RAF pilots and Marines included).

She now specializes in food and drink research. Enveloped in her duvet coat and cashmere socks, she lurks in the chilled aisles of major supermarkets, watching and talking to shoppers as they are about to buy.

It works: her clients include established brands like innocent drinks, Rude Health, Yorkshire Provender, Firefly Tonics, MOMA! Foods, Daylesford,  Leon Restaurants, and newer start-ups like G’Nosh Dips, Peters Yard Crispbreads, and Jimmys Iced Coffee. She helps food brands to adjust their customer offer, sizing, branding, and pack health messages, so they can attract MAXIMUM attention and sales from shoppers in the super-competitive supermarket aisles.

She is the author of the best-selling Packed – The Food Entrepreneur’s Guide: How To Get Noticed and How To Be Loved, available on Amazon and Kindle. In it she shares her 20 years’ food research experience in a tried and tested set of principles to get start-ups from idea, to a product on the shelf, and to be THE next household name. Buy the book below.

When not in the aisles, she can be found sculling on the Thames, writing, and eating out. And here:

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