Our New Girl: Review and Interview with the play’s director Charlotte Gwinner | Theatre, nannies and nightmares…

Josephine and Donna review Our New Girl, a new play at the Bush Theatre, written by Nancy Harris and directed by Charlotte Gwinner. Josephine interviews Charlotte Gwinner to find out about the development of the play and what it was like, as a new mother, to direct a drama which contains such an unsettling examination of parenthood…

Sometimes we have to take care of things we’re frightened of… You can’t know if you’re up to the job until that thing in front of you lives or dies. Behind the shiny door of Hazel Robinson’s perfect London home, nothing is as it seems. Hazel’s plastic surgeon husband Richard has embarked on his latest charitable quest in Haiti, leaving the heavily-pregnant Hazel with a failing business and a problem son. When a professional nanny arrives unannounced on the Robinsons’ doorstep, Hazel finds her home under the shadow of a perfect stranger with an agenda of her own.

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Published on 20th February 2012

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