Sound Women meet Women Presenters

Josephine and Donna sound off on their Sound Women event. The highlights: Fi Glover, Jane Garvey, Angie Greaves  and Annie Nightingale – obviously; the low lights: blisters due to traipsing up and down the Victoria Embankment looking for the bloody Hispaniola! STOP PRESS Angie Greaves is coming onto Radio Gorgeous soon!
Our That’s Entertainment guest is actress Martina Laird in a stunningly husky moment. She leads the cast of The House That Will Not Stand that opens at the Tricycle Theatre in conjunction with Black History Month. The beautifully written play by Marcus Gardley takes place in New Orleans in 1836. Freewoman, Beatrice (Martina) is about to see her world and “freedom,” as well as that of her three daughters, curtailed as Louisiana is sold by the French to the United States of America. Dates: October 9 – November 22
And finally, Josephine and Donna mourn the passing of the final Mitford sister and their pale replacements: the Kardashians. Whatever happened to the true eccentrics?  NEWSFLASH Angie Greaves presenter on Smooth’s drive time show is coming on to Radio Gorgeous soon!
Excellent article about Debo Devonshire

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  1. lesley beazer says:

    Debo Devonshire was an inspiration to me. I read that she had her own flock of sheep and had learnt to run a
    sheep dog and move them round the estate. Eventually, I bought some sheep and with Sam my sheep dog went to Oxford University Farm where we both learnt to work sheep and had many happy times afterwards. I Iived in Swinbrook and had to phone Debo once a year to ask for an article to put in the parish magazine The Chronicle. She was so willing and back came a hilarious article on something like playing the crummy old organ in the church where the notes got stuck.

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