Murray’s Cabaret Club, discovering Soho’s secret by Benjamin Levy with Josephine Pembroke MAN WEEK on Radio Gorgeous

In 1960 there were over 200 strip clubs, clip joints and peep shows in Soho. But there was a classy, glamourous establishment which surpassed all others and that was Murray’s Cabaret Club in Beak Street, London W1, which has just been featured in the Christine Keeler TV series. Murray’s Cabaret Club was taken over in 1933 by Percival Murray, it was famous for its gorgeous showgirls and dancers who wore hand-made sumptuous costumes by leading costume designers. Today I welcome onto Man Week on Radio Gorgeous, Benjamin Levy, who has worked at the V&A and is writing a book about eight, bohemian, female artists models.  But, in this podcast we are talk about his book: Murray’s Cabaret Club about the club’s history and costumes but most importantly the dancers and showgirls who worked at the club. 

Murray’s cabaret club by Benjamin Levy is published by The History Press

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Published on 09th January 2020

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