Monique Roffey’s Sexual Odyssey (explicit)| Pati Hilton: diet advice | The Weekly-Wrinkle: Wisdom For Women In Just A Few Lines!

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Beth (the cynic) and Josephine (a believer) kick off the show with a debate about whether you can really find your perfect match on a dating website.

Radio Gorgeous Recommends: Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights.

Pati Hilton is a Yoga teacher, Reiki Healer and expert in nutritional issues at Sublime. Pati tells Radio Gorgeous why eating well has such a profound effect on our health, and how to re-attune yourself to your body’s needs.

Carolyn Hadden-Paton worked at Vogue under Grace Coddington, established the shop Sam Brown and brought the vibrant menswear designer Vilebrequin to London. She has now launched a fabulous website for mature women of discerning taste: The Weekly Wrinkle – wisdom for women in just a few lines!

Orange Prize short-listed writer Monique Roffey discusses ‘With the Kisses of His Mouth,’ a frank and honest memoir about her quest for sexual self-awareness. It describes a love affair, a dramatic break up and what happened next – a sexual odyssey.

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Published on 09th February 2012

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