Monica Wood Author THE ONE IN A MILLION BOY with Donna Freed on RADIO GORGEOUS


Monica Wood Author of the Week with Donna Freed on RADIO GORGEOUS 

The One-in-a-Million Boy revolves around a friendship between a 104-year-old Lithuanian immigrant woman and an 11-year-old Boy Scout obsessed with Guinness world records. For seven Saturdays, the boy has arrived promptly to do Ona Vitkus’s yard chores, record her life story for a fifth-grade school project, and talk her into gunning for the record of Oldest Licensed Driver. 

On page two, the reader discovers that the boy has recently died. In his place, on the tenth Saturday, the boy’s father reluctantly shows up to complete his son’s good deed. A professional guitar player, Quinn was an absent father who was a little afraid of his sweet, strange son. Through Quinn’s own friendship with Ona, the boy returns to life in ways that offer unexpected detours to people who believed they were through with second chances.

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