Michele Hanson: What the Grown-Ups Were Doing | Actress + Cabaret star Siân Phillips | Meg Matthews MegSays.co.uk

Josephine talks to Michele Hanson about her wonderfully evocative memoir What the Grown-ups Were Doing. We’re introduced to pets (past and present!), and find out that behind the suburban respectability of 1950s Ruislip, there lurked a world of oddball characters, unhappy marriages, hidden anxieties and suspected salacious goings on.

Actress Siân Phillips’ CBE discusses her cabaret show, early career and current views on marriage! Siân began performing cabaret after recreating Marlene Dietrich last cabaret performance in Pam Gems’ play Marlene. She’s toured around the world and was greeted in New York with the headline “No more Marlene, just Siân Phillips”

Meg Matthews talks about new venture MegSays.co.uk which shares her insider knowledge on all that’s fashionable and fabulous. A Guernsey Girl who grew up in South Africa and made it from a squat in Brixton to working as an A&R at Warner: we hear all about the fascinating life of the ever so dynamic Meg Matthews.

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Published on 23rd February 2012

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