MEN Give up on Looks at 46!!! GORGEOUS GOSSIP with Donna and Josephine

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Man tick/ Fat tick/ Beard tick/ Underwear? probably tick

Man tick/ Fat tick/ Beard tick/ Underwear? probably tick

Donna’s husband (not pictured above!) found an amusing article in the newspaper – shock horror men let themselves go at an average 46 years of age. For example they wear very old underwear, have the cheapest haircuts and grow beards. These are the depressing facts (see below and it’s not looking good for married couples) see below. ¬†What hope is there? All we can do is set a good example as we don’t give up on average until we are 59!
  • Seven in ten men don’t worry regularly about the way they look, while more than half said they don’t really take any pride in their appearance.
  • One in three said they eat and drink what they like and don’t really consider health implications in regards to their diet.
  • Bad news for marrieds: Two thirds of people think it’s normal to give up on worrying about appearances once they land a serious partner.
  • In fact, it takes just 26 months after a wedding before the average person said they stopped bothering about their looks.
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