Mary Killen’s Regal Role Model | Writer Kim Thuy on ‘Ru’ | Rebecca du Pont on dressing the Royal Barge

We kick off this very regal edition of Radio Gorgeous with a review the Jubilee celebrations and Donna reveals how she managed to┬ástay stylish in spite of the rain! Next, following Tracey Emin’s claims that she’s seen as a ‘witch’ because she doesn’t have children, we debate whether this discrimination is more widespread.

Journalist Mary Killen explains what the Queen can teach us about managing the complexities of modern life and navigating tricky┬ásocial waters with ease and grace; as Josephine discusses her new book ‘How The Queen Can Make You Happy’.


Donna talks to the award-winning writer Kim Thuy about her poetic, autobiographical novel ‘Ru’ which charts the extraordinary story of her escape from Saigon during the Vietnam War, her time at a Malaysian refugee camp and her emigration to Quebec where – after a shakey start! – her family begins to build a new life.

And lastly, designer to the stars, Rebecca du Pont, takes as behind the sceens of the Jubilee celebrations;she tells Josephine how a brown and cream boat was transformed into a guilded Royal Barge for the big day.

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Published on 25th June 2012

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