Lucinda Riley – Midnight Rose – Author of the Week with Donna Freed

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Lucinda Riley is back on top with her latest blockbuster novel The Midnight Rose. It is a rich and sprawling story that starts in Colonial India and is played out in London and Dartmoor during the Great War and the roaring 20’s – Downton Abbey style and continues through to the present day. Anahita arrives in England from India just before the Great War and meets her destiny in the form of Donald Astbury of Astbury Hall and her great grandson returns there many years later to uncover the secrets sewed in his great grandmother’s time. There he meets Rebecca Bradley and the midnight rose blooms afresh.  Anahita is gifted with sixth sight which guides her and must have also guided Lucinda’s hand in writing as she reveals to Donna over a cocktail at the Savoy.
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