‘Love, Question Mark’ Actress Clare Cameron talks Robert Gillespie’s daring new play!

Actress Clare Cameron has appeared recently in Loving Ophelia as Christina Rosetti; and played Mary Boleyn, sister to Helene Bonham Carter’s Anne Boleyn! She is now staring in Robert Gillespie’s ‘Love, Question Mark’ at the Tabard Theatre

Clare talks to Josephine Pembroke about sexuality, power relationships and how she prepared for this demanding role…

Three years after the death of his wife, Michael gets a shock. Just a pair of legs on a bus but it’s enough to unlock long-buried desires. Suddenly he wants to know What is love? Is it wrong to buy sex? Is marriage the best answer? Robert Gillespie’s bold, funny play Love, Question Mark explores our fidelity to the notion of monogamy, contemplating the curious gap between what we say we want and what we actually do, and posing provocative questions about sexuality and old age

‘Love, Question Mark’ is on at The Tabard Theatre 8th-23rd November 2011

Book at: www.tabardweb.co.uk
About the production: www.janenightwork.com


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Published on 09th February 2012

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