London Theatre Summer Round Up & ToXic Friendships on GORGEOUS GOSSIP with Josephine & Donna

Donna and Josephine have made treks to the Regents Park outdoor theatre. Donna to see the exhuberant, kid friendly – think panto participation at some points – 12th Night. Josephine went for the much more high brow but equally entertaining Porgy and Bess.
Donna also spoke to Tanya Moodie who plays Esther, a black seamstress in turn of the century New York who sews gorgeous lingerie for a variety of clientele – society women and prostitutes alike – while she dreams of opening a beauty salon for black women. The play is Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage at the Park Theatre July 2-27.¬†Tanya’s approach to her acting has transformed, as has she, from her early days on Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren. Donna has now dubbed Tanya, the Zen Diva!
Also at the Park Theatre is Shutters, a group of three American plays that celebrate the journey of women over the last century. The plays include Trifles, written by Susan Glaspell in 1916 as well as two contemporary plays receiving their European debut: Cast of Characters by Philip Dawkins and The Deer by Brooke Allen.
The extraordinary director, and former dancer, Jack Thorpe Baker decided to use an all female cast to play both the male and female roles. The all female ensemble also includes his aunt Matilda Thorpe and Joanna Kirkland. They speak with Donna about the plays, working with family and bump work (Joanna is pregnant)!
Shutters is at the Park Theatre July 9 – Aug 3.

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Published on 14th July 2014

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