THE PRACTICAL SHOW with guests Hilly Janes, Attica Locke, Mary Killen, Anna Paolozzi

 Welcome to radio gorgeous, where as we would love you to listen to the whole show if there is a piece you are particularly attracted to....just press the play button and scroll to your favourite bit.
As every GORGEOUS GAL knows – in theory at least – there is a time to be sensible! In today’s show we highlight some of the more practical aspects of life. We start off with our weekly Gorgeous Gossip, where we will be encouraging you to celebrate your inner Granny, with some entertaining ideas from our listeners.  And, then get tips on how to be more decisive from journalist Hilly Janes, talking to us about her book Latte or Cappuccino? Our ‘Author of the Week’ is the fascinating American crime writer and Orange Prize listed, Attica Locke who tells us about her book ‘The Cutting Season’.
 Our feature correspondent, Mary Killen talks to Kate the Prostate Nurse on how to spot prostate problems which affect 50% of men.  So, be it your partner, father, grandpa or son you will now understand what is going on down there, and get them to the doctor in time!
 And finally, make-up artist Anna Paolozzi (daughter of the famous sculptor Eduardo) teaches us how to be even more gorgeous and youthful, with her marvellous tips on how to apply the slap, and take decades from our faces. You can personally meet up with Anna, and she will guide you through a new make up look in the privacy of your own home.  EVERYONE’S CONTACT DETAILS BELOW




Latte or Cappuccino by Hilly Janes

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