KIKA MARKHAM OUR TIME OF DAY: My Life With Corin Redgrave/ Gorgeous Lives on Radio Gorgeous

Is a relationship the accumulation of shared experiences? Corin Redgrave (from that acting family) suffered brain damage following a heart attack which left him unable to fully remember his 20 year relationship with actor Kika Markham (most recently Lois Selfridge on Mr. Selfridge). Previous to his affliction, their life together was one based on a deep mutual love, in addition to their shared passion for  acting and joint radical left-wing activism. But, alas, when his memory was affected everything became a lot more difficult. Kika shares her very poignant story with Josephine, about how she, Corin and their family coped and carried on.

Read more from Kika Markham in her autobiography Our Time of Day,

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