Just One More GEMMA LEVINE – Photographer to Royalty & Stars

Gemma Levine Just One More

She started her photographic career taking pictures in the parks of London and then of the Goons – a clear connection if you’re Gemma Levine! Jeremy Robson, then a young publisher, asked her to take snapshots for the covers of his books which ultimately led to a career defining 10 year collaboration with the sculptor Henry Moore. Since that time, her portraits have become some of the most well known in the world. Her sitters have included: Golda Meir, Princess Diana, Sir John Geilgud, Peggy Ashcroft, Sir Anthony Hopkins and many, many more. She tells Donna (in their second but only recorded interview – oops!) about her life, career and how she turned aggressive breast cancer into an opportunity – now THAT’s HUTZPA!


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Published on 14th May 2014

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