Jeanne Masoero Fine Artist

Studio visit with artist Jeanne Masoero. In conjunction with the Mexican Year of Exchange, independent art advisor and curator Sandra Higgins is showing Jeanne Masoero’s Invisible Cities: A Mayan Journey. The paintings – figures in light – were inspired by her visits to Mayan sites in the late 1970’s; they resemble topographical maps created out of tiny grains of colour. The show can be seen from June 18th to July 1st.

“The latest work marks the culmination of a long process. One in which the many years of previous work can be seen as a long but coherent search, a process leading forward to a mature mastery of a complex and deeply felt technique, which develops my long-standing fascination with painting as a model of endlessness.”
-Jeanne Masoero


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Published on 15th June 2015

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