Is it in his kiss? | Amateurs in Eden: A Bohemian Marriage | Fashion: Chic and Seek | The Poisonwood Bible

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? We debate grand gestures versus thoughtful details, the burden of expectation and the fine art of kissing…

While the Durrell family’s time on Corfu has been much documented, one woman had remained in the shadows until now: Joanna Hodgkin’s mother and Lawrence Durrell’s wife, Nancy. Joanna tells us about their bohemian early romance, Nancy’s tense flight from the encroaching horrors of World War II, and the subsequent breakdown of her relationship with Lawrence – a terribly difficult but alluringly dynamic individual.

Want to be fashion-forward without spending a king’s-ransom? RG’s glamour girl Josephine talks to industry-insider, Chic and Seek’s Tara Nash-King. Tara buys previously-owned, mint condition high-end designer goodies and sells them on to us at more affordable prices. You can find Chic and Seek online at:

The Gorgeous Reads critics discuss Barbara Kingsolver’s ‘The Poisonwood Bible.’ Suddenly transplanted to the Congo, the American Price girls begin to question the values of their father and of their homeland as the tragedies of their family and the nation entwine.

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Published on 05th March 2012

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