How to access, Personal ‘Higher’ Energy, with author & coach Delilah Sullivan

‘Looking after our personal energy is vital’ Delilah Sullivan tells me as I sit opposite her in a coffee shop in Barnes. Her book ‘The Teachings of Mr P’ sounds a little like a precursor to ‘The Book of O’, but is nothing like it (in fact, quite the opposite). The book is really all about higher energy rather than sexual. In short, it is a series of channelled conversations with ‘P’ who is Plato, and it’s utterly fascinating.  It talks about the power of love, in all it guises; space time and randomness, the effects of virtue, and the intricacies of the metaphysical.  Because it is in dialogues and short excerpts, it is very accessible.  Easy to read, to digest, to absorb and it stays with you. Example ‘Without the desire to explore one’s potential, there is no desire to accept one’s past’. ‘To observe history, one has to let it go from one’s present.’ ‘Life is not love. It is joy that brings life. Man (and woman) are seeking joy and he/she will not find this through love’.  It’s sound bite without trying. Without top ten tipping.  It’s the sort of book you will thumb, and pull back so many times, it would be better it be ring bound (I’ve had mine for a day and it’s already falling to pieces!).  

As well as being an author, Delilah is an energy coach (she literally walks the talk), living in Richmond, who now talks to workers and members at multi-national corporations and health organisations about how to manage their energy. “Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of the emotional, mental and energetic wellbeing of their employees, it improves the profitability of their company and creates a more beneficial environment for everyone.”  The book is only a small part of her work, as Delilah also has a regular podcast and a website which allows guests (anyone) to ask questions, and she channels the answers. 

Delilah helps people who wish to find direction, clear blocks, and access their inner wisdom and creativity. She helps those who face or are experiencing burnout, are carers, and who are suffering illness.  Delilah gives talks as well as channelled readings, one to one mentoring and energy awareness and creative awareness sessions. 

The Teachings of Mr P (£12.99) is out on amazon  

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Published on 18th June 2019

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