How to Academy London & Myths about the Menopause on Gorgeous Gossip with Donna & Josephine



It’s back to school time and while we’re self-confessed know it alls, we don’t actually know how to do everything. The How To Academy, on the other hand, does! Whatever you’re interested in, they have an expert to tell you how it’s done, whether it’s understanding art, investing or reading a particular author or even life skills for teenagers, they have a course. Donna went to an intimate, in depth talk with biographer Lyndall Gordon led by one of the founders of How To Academy, Frances Wilson, a biographer herself.
Josephine and Donna then turn myth busters and debunk some of the myths of the menopause. Apparently you can’t blame the menopause for everything, age and sloth seem to be culprits as well!

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Published on 29th September 2014

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