Horoscopes | Summer Travel | Pigs in London | Author: Jennifer Cryer

Metro’s astrologer Juliette Genik encourages us to use this celestial juncture to take a moment to reflect; and reveals what the ‘lucky planet’ Jupiter has in store for your sign over the next couple of months.

After that, with summer well underway and the rain showing no sign of stopping we turn to thoughts of travel… Donna exchanges tales from Summer Camp with fellow American Orna Klement and explore how the Summer Camp trend has taken hold in Europe. Next, as the pitfalls of budget flights push us past the point of endurance we discuss the relative romance of train travel with Helen Healy and tales of intrepid female explorers of the past.

Next up, speaking of intrepid… Josephine Pembroke gets up close and personal with some very naughty piggies. We talk to their owner, Antonia Pugh Thomas to find out why this city-girl wants to keep pigs in London.

And lastly, Josephine talks to scientist-turned-author Jennifer Cryer about her fascinating debut novel Breathing on Glass. We discuss perils of leaving science exclusively in the hands of the scientists; and her experience of embarking on a writing career after retirement.


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Published on 02nd August 2012


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