HIGH FAT DIET by Zana Morris & Helen Foster

HIGH FAT DIET by Zana Morris & Helen Foster

Zana Morris is changing the rules on rapid yet sustained weight loss: in order to burn fat, you have to eat fat. In just 14 days and with only 12 minutes of intense excercise per day, she guarantees you won’t be hungry and you will lose fat, not muscle. Zana says her diet jump starts and reboots your metabolism without robbing you of muscle and energy.




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5 Copies of THE HIGH FAT DIET BOOK (signed) to WIN!

5 Copies of Strong Nutrients Chill Pill (Zana’s own brand) to Win!


About the Chill Pill

Adrenal support formula

contributing to normal

energy, mood and sleep.

 Staying happy, efficient and energetic even under stress is vital to our work and social life. The Chill Pill contains vitamin B5 which aids in the normal synthesis of a critically important neurotransmitter as well as supporting the body’s production of anti-stress hormones, contributing to normal energy and mental performance.



Zana is originally from Ireland and is a nutritionist

Zana is originally from Ireland and is a nutritionist


  1. lesley beazer says:

    I went on the Atkins diet when it first came out. Strawberries and cream for breakfast. Bacon and eggs for lunch; then lots of vegetables and fruit with steak, fish etc. I lost a stone.
    I did not feel hungry between meals, promise.

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