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Show Length: 75 minutes

Gorgeous Gossip

Donna and Josephine discuss the origins of the Hollywood sign.
Author of the Week – Daisy Waugh – Melting the Snow on Hester Street

Starts at: 6.01

Rich. Beautiful. Damned.
Sumptuously evoking the Golden Age of Hollywood, a time when money is built on greed and love can be a trick of the light, Daisy Waugh’s new novel is a compelling portrait of love, fame, and survival. Josephine talks to Daisy about her book, modern motherhood and the good and bad side of having the name Waugh.
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Joanna Johnston Hollywood Costume Designer with Mary Killen

Starts at: 26.15

Mary Killen interviews Joanna Johnston English Costume Designer who recently was nominated for an Oscar for Speilbergs LINCOLN. She is especially known for her collaborations with Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis.  Her more recent films include War of the Worlds, Munich and War Horse.
Actress Indra Ové with Donna Freed

Starts at: 55.20

British born stage and screen actress daughter of filmmaker Horace Ové starred opposite Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Also opposite Lawrence Fishburne in Othello. She has been in productions by Trevor Nunn and Robert Lepage. Currently touring the UK in the stage version of Yes, Prime Minister.
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