Helen Fitzgerald VIRAL Author of The Week with Donna Freed

Author of the Week: Helen Fitzgerald, VIRAL 

Homesick Aussie (her description) Helen Fitzgerald likes to delve into the dark side of human nature and to test her own voice and boundaries but you have never heard dark sound so joyful.



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Published on 16th February 2016


  1. Nicola says:

    I read this book in 6 days (which is a record for me!). It was gripping and a rollercoaster of a story behind it. I can’t help thinking about how real it all felt and what if this did happen or has happened to a reasonably innocent participant. I loved how the protagonist went on her journey of discovery both physically and mentally, trying to process how her world had changed – forever.
    Great book and great podcast!! Thanks for the entertainment, Helen, and Radio Gorgeous!! x

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