Gorgeous Women in Gorgeous Guises with Charlotte Josephine/ Anne Sebba/ Virginia Ironside /Clare Duffy

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Gorgeous Gossip and Bitch Boxer
What is a bitch? Are you a bitch?  And is it such a bad word? Josephine and Donna discuss this emotive word in their Gorgeous Gossip, which leads us into Donna’s interview with  playwright Charlotte Josephine, who’s play, Bitch Boxer about the female boxing phenomenon is on at London’s Soho Theatre.
Author of the Week – Anne Sebba
Then we chat to Anne Sebba biographer of a very powerful, political and sexual woman – Jennie Churchill, Winston’s American Mother, who married into Britain’s aristocracy and became the ultimate Dollar Princess.

Virginia Ironside – Janey and Me – A Memoir

We then find out what it takes to become an agony aunt with one of the UK’s most famous one – Virginia Ironside, she talks about her memoir of her very modern and creative mother who was the head of fashion at the Royal College of Art in the 1960s. Janey wrote the cult fashion manuel A Fashion Alphabet link below. 


Money! The Game Show
We also have our weekly tip from Journalist Hilly Janes, from her book Latte or Cappuccino? And lastly, Donna went down to West London’s leading theatre – The Bush to chat to playwright and director Clare Duffy about her interactive play called Money! The Game Show.


Charlotte Josephine creator and actor in Bitch Boxer

Jennie Churchill – Winston’s American Mother by Anne Sebba

 Janey and Me – A Memoir by Virginia Ironside

Money! The Game Show by Clare Duffy



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