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Photo by Polar Explorer Kari Herbert  – Janice Okoh – Playwright –  Anna Hunt’s Shaman in Stilettos

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Radio Gorgeous is taking you on an unbelievable journey today. Our itinerary
starts at home alone we’ll explain all in Gorgeous Gossip.Then we shift to the
South London world created by playwright Janice Okoh in her play Three Birds, which deals with 3 children left alone at home.


Next we trek to the polar regions with polar explorer and Author of the Week Kari Herbert who talks about her book Heart of the Hero. Kari was inspired to write about polar wives and her mother is in the book. Kari is from a polar family  Kari Herbert’s first language was Inuktun, the Thule dialect of Greenlandic, a result of living with the Polar Inuit of Northwest Greenland from the age of ten months. She is the daughter of the pioneering polar explorer Sir Wally Herbert and author Marie Herbert.


Just North of Antartica we stop off in Peru, where celebrity journalist Anna Hunt tells us of her remarkable travels and her journey to becoming a bone fide Shaman herself. She was inspired to write the book The Shaman in Stilettos. Josephine’s first question to Anna is – what is a shaman?


And finally, we come back home again to London – West London – very near Radio Gorgeous. Have you started to think about planting some vegetables or herbs yet? We have and we met up with inspiring Garden and Interior Designer Nicola Harding tells how to have green fingers without much skill. Yippee!


NIx profile

Nicola Harding Gardener & Interior Designer for people who don’t think they need one!



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