Corinne Drewery SWING OUT SISTER

Corinne Drewery Swing Out Sister

Gorgeous Lives features Corinne Drewery lead singer of Swing out Sister. All the music by Swing out Sister. Pop diva Corinne Drewery was one of the first video stars in the UK becoming globally famous in the 80’s with her Grammy nominated hit Break Out.
Corinne talks frankly about her life her life before and after fame. She tell us about her groovy parents who were non stop party people.  Her Dad played bass in a band and her Mum wore head to toe black leather and had a poodle parlour. Corinne studied fashion at St Martins School of Art.  By day she worked as a Fashion designer, at night she was gigging and touring with Swing out Sister. Then they had the hit that changed her life forever. We here all about her life and her childhood dream of going on tour by bus across America.



The interview is 58 mins long










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