Go on a THERAPY holiday with Sarah Tucker GORGEOUS ESCAPES with Sarah Tucker

Go on a THERAPY holiday with Sarah Tucker GORGEOUS ESCAPES 

The latest trend in travel is therapy holidays. A step more than a yoga retreat or hotel with a gym and massage therapist, therapy travel has emerged as a response to an emotional tsunami of anxiety caused and compounded by everything from global – brexit-trump-korea as well as personal – financial, relationship, age, health, empty nester related issues.

The key to finding the best options is to do due diligence on the instructors and therapists. Follow them and then choose the destination. The destination adds diversion, sunshine and sea but the location is there to enhance the experience of the therapy rather than the other way round. So google the name of the instructor or therapist before you book the holiday. And find out what you need – try it out before you go. Not all therapists are the same even if they practice the same therapy. The same goes with counselling. So just because it didn’t work with one therapist doesn’t mean the therapy itself, doesn’t work. And vice versa. Just because you have had a good experience with hypnotherapy at home, doesn’t mean having it overseas will be better or even the same. Here is some suggestions.

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Published on 20th October 2017

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